I began training with Cory in June of 2009.  My original goal was to improve my balance, endurance and stamina.  During that time, I noticed my strength improving as well.  Part of my workout routine includes eating the kinds of foods that will help me achieve the result I want.  Cory is very helpful in giving me good nutrition information.  Motivation and concentration is also a key component in helping me reach my goal.  Cory offers several seminars a year that gives me the important information I need to achieve a good result.  I have had some injuries over the past five years that Cory has helped me through which include a hip replacement with physical therapy along with my regular workout.  It has helped me stay fit while recovering.  Cory is beyond well qualified to teach and train me to be the best that I can be.   His formal education and his experience is extensive so I know that every step that I take and every exercise that I do will improve my quality of life.


On a personal note, Cory is one of the kindest people that I have ever known.  He trains with care and compassion and he does everything he can to help you reach your goal.  He is a good friend to me as he is to every person who trains with him.

- Judy R.

Retired City Worker


"My husband and I decided 3 years ago to find an activity together that didn't involve drinking or eating.  Luckily we had Cory within walking distance of our house! We attend small group training together two days a week now at 6:30am. Our marriage is stronger than ever and Cory has contributed to it.  I personally was a collegiate athlete who trained for years at a very high level.   Cory is amazing, in three years I have never done the same workout, I love the diversity Cory offers! I have not only lost inches, I am stronger and can do exercises I never imagined I could complete.  Cory is an exceptional person/trainer , he is so genuinely caring and he also has trained and mentored our two children. Our family overall has benefitted from knowing and have trained with Cory at Dynamic Fitness!"

- Stephanie R.

Sales Rep



I hired Cory to work with my son the summer before he went off to college.  I wanted him to learn  the proper way to work out so he would not injure himself at school and the proper nutrition to eat healthy and build muscle.  He worked with Cory the entire summer, as well as the next summer he was home, and made amazing progress building muscle and understanding how to take care of his body.  I was so impressed with the work that Cory did with my son that in November, 2012, I started working out with Cory. Cory understands the importance of nutrition and, unlike most trainers, tailors what your eat to your goals. He is continuously educating himself and explains in detail what your body is doing and how it works when he trains you.  He has a unique ability to provide individual, customized training  in a group setting. He has a great style--he is kind, compassionate and understanding, yet pushes you to achieve your goals.  He motivates you to do your best because you don't want to disappoint him--he cares so much.  I have referred several people to him and they have all stayed with him and are excited about their results.

- Geri B.

Business Executive



"I’ve been on my weight loss journey a long time, much longer than necessary.  This was due to my own stubbornness, negative attitude towards exercise, and a ton of excuses.  What Dynamic Fitness gave me was a swift kick in the butt, with love, care and understanding.  What came next was my own willingness to change.  Once the mental change happened, the physical change came naturally.  I began to follow the nutrition plan, walk the required hours per week, and not let my family/friends sabotage my hard efforts.  OMG!  What happened next was amazing, the weight fell off.  I had been fight myself for years, and by having a made-up-mind, the weight came off in weeks.  I’m in a smaller size, I have increased energy, I’m physically stronger, and I have muscles where there were none.  I will never go back to my old ways, old attitude or old body.  I love me all over again.  Thanks Cory, you’ve been a blessing in disguise and I thank God for you."

- Nicholle H.

 Shipping Executive 



In February of 2012, I first started this journey skeptical of the unexpected. I knew I was at an unhealthy weight and had to do something to make a change for my life. When I met Cory in my consult I did not know how much he would change my life, but from the start of our conversation I could see how educated he was when it comes to health and fitness and his passion for it was exuberant. From day one Cory helped to guide me and educate me on my fitness journey, equipping me with mental toughness to push myself to reach my goals and even exceed them. I started out hoping to lose 43 lbs., getting down from 218 to 175. I'm now 167 lbs., making for a 51 lbs. loss from a size 16/18 to a true 10, and I am still going! It isn't just the drop in numbers that has inspired me to continue on my journey, but the overall way I feel. After 8 months of training with Cory I am in the best shape of my life and I feel healthier than ever!

-Bridgette J.

Insurance Rep



I lack the self motivation to work out on my own so I searched online for a personal trainer and found Cory. Although he’s a 30-minute drive away, I continue to train with him because he has proven to be an excellent trainer. I feel extremely fortunate to have found Cory!  He truly cares about your personal well-being and is very supportive and motivating. I have had a personal trainer in the past, however Cory’s style and variety of exercises surpasses those of my previous trainer. He customizes the training to fit your personal goals and provides a personalized nutritional plan to help you maintain healthy eating habits.

The gym is nothing like the big chains. It’s small in comparison but unlike those facilities, this gym offers a sense of family. You get to know the people you work out with and build a network of good friends.

I can honestly say I look forward to training with Cory every week!

If you’re looking for a better quality of life with a trainer who is extremely knowledgeable and genuinely cares, then Cory is your man!

- Rola J.



"I started with Cory in April 2009. I had hip replacement surgery in June '07 as well as arthroscopic knee surgery in March '06. I've been an athlete all my life and finally made the decision to work with a trainer to really get back in shape and take off some weight to help ease the burden on my arthritic hips & knees. It has turned out to be one of the best decisions I've ever made. I've found Cory to be an incredibly knowledgeable trainer who has a true passion for his work. He has developed & tailored a special program for me to strengthen the muscles around my joints, which really seems to be working due to the fact I no longer have any pain at all when walking, riding a bike or undergoing any other normal physical activities. I also feel and look a lot better because of the weight that I've dropped so far. Cory is always well prepared and keeps things interesting with no training session ever being exactly the same. He's also a very kind & caring person, who never hesitates going the extra mile for his clients to achieve their individual fitness goals. Cory provides just the right amount of motivation for me to push myself just a little bit more to go beyond what I think I can do. He actually makes the whole training process fun and I look forward to the challenge he offers me each session I have with him."

-Mat S.




"I started going to Cory in June of 2010. From the first meeting, Cory has made feel confident to challenge myself to meet the goals that he sets with me. I have always felt that Cory is on my team and is rooting for me to succeed! And I am succeeding! It took some time for me to get accustomed to my fitness regimen, but Cory was always there encouraging me, challenging me, redirecting me and answering any questions or concerns that I had. Cory has helped me feel confident that I will realize my fitness goals. Without him I know I wouldn't have the courage to stick with it through the tough times! The size 6 in me will make an appearance that much sooner with his help and encouragement!" 

-Michelle G.

Sales Rep


"I began training with Cory in April of 2009 with the goal of being able to get back into shape and return to the field after a couple years away from my sport. Cory and I discussed my goals and he helped me design an aggressive program to meet them. With his personalized approach to my training and lifestyle, both inside and outside of the gym, I have greatly exceeded even my own expectations. I've lost weight and dropped my body fat percentage, while increasing my strength and cardio levels. I am now in better shape mentally and physically than I was in my regular playing days.

What makes Cory different from other trainers is his ability to truly tailor your program to your goals and he is there every step of the way to ensure you reach them. While my workouts are of course demanding I do look forward to them, and even more than that I look forward to where I will be in the next 6 months! Thank you for everything Cory.

-Aaron K.

Travel Agent





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